Bio-products, natural and wellness components

Bio-product, bio-food

It is the output of ecological (biological, organic) agriculture, which involves eliminating any application of artificial fertilizers, noxious chemical spraying as well as genetically modified organisms (GMO) and substances made on their basis.

In the Czech Republic, bio-products may be labeled with a special "bio" logo and their packaging must show a written notice: "Produce of ecological agriculture". In connection with bio-products, such terminology as "biological", "organic" and "ecological", and/or prefixes "bio" and "eco" may also be used.

In contrast to standard contemporary agriculture produce, the quality of bio-products is determined by the quality level of the entire agricultural system and food processing. This means it starts from the methods of plant growing, the ways the animals are kept and continues to the ways in which the bio-product is processed/upgraded and distributed. In general, it is the whole chain of production techniques determined by very strict regulations and secured by an equally strict supervisory system. Nevertheless, the produce quality integrates also further aspects of bio-production: ethical, moral, socio-psychological and environmental, as they promote the consumers´ awareness of environmentally friendly agricultural engineering respecting ethical principles of keeping domestic animals and modern management of non-renewable sources of energy and raw materials.

Czech ecological agriculture is subject to the Czech legislation Act No.242/2000 Coll., and European Commission Regulation No. 2092/91 and the producers must be registered at the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. The observance of the related legislation for ecological agriculture in the Czech Republic is secured by three supervisory organizations: KEZ, ABCER and BIOKON with authority granted by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. These controlling bodies are also empowered to issue the product origin certificates for the registered producers.

Natural, bio- and wellness components

These newcomers to the product range are aimed mainly at the segment of progressive and commercially well equipped clients. The composition of these products directly points to a realistic return to natural forms without useless embellishments. Their added value is namely in their "no additives" composition as they do not contain stabilizers, coloring agents, flavor enhancers or other common compounds and matters usually present in the composition of conventional foodstuffs. Coupling modern marketing and health-awareness and thinking leads to the target wellness product mix bringing not only enjoyment and pleasure but also psychological comfort during the meal.