Emulsions, bases, concentrates

Special homogenizing and emulsifying processes transform citrus, coke and other vegetable aromatic oils into easily and quickly applicable emulsion forms or in other words, into an "oil in water " mixture.

Low dosing of these semi-products allows disposable packaging for distribution and storage. This special product segment of integrated aromatic and coloring substances is supplemented by separate natural coloring agents, concentrated extracts and also fortifiers.

Supplementing further flavoring substances such as sugar or fruit acids can provide a wide range of citrus, coke and other types of flavored lemonades and soft drinks with various aromatic profiles. Additional mixing with fruit juices may expand the range to a limitless variety of fruit lemonades, syrup, nectar, tea, mineral water and other types of soft drinks.

Fortification with vitamins, herbal extracts, minerals, dietary fiber, and low-energy substances will provide not only the necessary daily drinking regime, but its added value expands the standard assortment into the segment of the wellness program encompassing "light-", "dia"-, "bio-" and so on.

Emulsions, bases, concentrates, and their combinations in complex mixtures with other components create a path for inventing new marketing and commercial approaches in beverage and confectionary industry applications as well as soft ice-cream production.

Applicable to

  • fizzy and/or still lemonade
  • mineral water and syrup
  • beverages with fruit ingredients, nectar
  • functional and tonic beverages for sportspeople
  • frozen cream, "sorbet and sherbet" types of soft ice-cream
  • confectionery