Fats industry, delicatessen, stimulants

For the flavored product segments of the fatty, delicatessen and stimulants industries, Frujo a. s. offers a range of sophisticated components available in aseptic and also regular non-aseptic forms. This collection of components guarantees high sanitary safety even for cold production processes. It simplifies and accelerates the whole of production processes and stretches the limits of our customers' and producers' product mix range in a creative way.

Depending on the mix of integrated input substances and resulting properties, these components are applicable to:

  • spreads from vegetable fat, flavored margarines
  • mayonnaise sauces, hot meal sauces
  • dressings, dips, mustard, ketchup, various vegetable sauces
  • mayonnaise salads, and so on

Products made by aseptic technology are sophisticated food ingredient mixtures made from frozen or sterilized input materials. These materials are prepared in advance in the form of pieces, mash or concentrates. Flavoring is carried out by salt or its substitutes, vegetable extracts and oleoresins, thickeners, natural coloring agents or vegetable coloring extracts, aromatic substances or infusions.

Vegetable components

BIO, Natural, Wellness

Components fortified, functional, light, dia and celiac

Powder mixtures:

  • powder mixtures for flavoring snacks and chips
  • powder mixtures for stabilizing and flavoring milk- rice, semolina and puddings
  • powder mixtures for preparation of fruit toppings
  • powder mixtures for milk flavoring