Aseptic technology

Managing aseptic technology requires a symbiotic combination of wisdom, science, technology and skill. The company Frujo a.s. has all these prerequisites and has been cultivating them for 20 years.

Modern production technology and equipment, experience, professional know-how in sensitive technical and microbiological interfaces, operating precision, and detail elaboration are all included in the area of aseptic technologies.

An important component of aseptic technology and microbiology of special products is the indispensable UHT technology. This enables us to produce components with neutral pH without spores, components full of cereals, various kinds of seasonings, milk caramel and so on. In fact, it offers for the market a limitless range of flavoring ingredients with regard to both the further application technology of the ingredients and in the aspect of the properties and shelf life of the final product.

The microbiological stability properties are provided by the aseptic processing, osmotic pressure, inert atmosphere and above all by their synergism.