UHT technology

UHT – Ultra-High Temperature technology is used for the production of components without spores especially with low dry-mass content and neutral pH. These components secure safety for aseptic applications, namely in bicameral jars (milk-rice and semolina, puddings, layered cream desserts). Our special semi-product caramels and toffee caramels made of milk, butter, sugar and other input materials, is made by a controlled technology of reactive aromatic substances. Cereal components segment encompasses a limitless range of combinations of cereals, fruit, nuts, and other types of input materials.

UHT process is one of the preservation methods used in the technological processing of Frujo's components. In contrast to sterilizing or pasteurizing, this processing ensures longer durability and shelf-life of the products.

UHT method is based on the short-term heating of the product to a temperature higher than the usual temperature for sterilizing. The major effect of that treatment is the annihilation of all microorganisms, namely spores and bacteria producing noxious toxins. This sophisticated method speeds up the processing and above all it preserves important nutrition components of the processed materials..

Microbiologically essential and indispensable UHT technology allows us to offer a nearly limitless scope of products with respect to both material and sensory properties, and also with consideration of physical and chemical aspects.