Product development, concepts and counseling

Realization of a development project is a complex procedure. It starts with the compilation of all necessary information, goes on through careful analysis and evaluation, semi-product samples and their careful testing and verification using the producer's own technology, and the final evaluation is the product launch by the marketing department. The great majority of individual products created on a wide input material basis and an enormous scale of sensory and aromatic profiles are finalized and adjusted into customized shapes according to the customer's requirement. Last but not least, there is significant observance of the energy, time and resources savings within the entire production process of the new product, eliminating possible failures and other hiccups in the course of regular production.

The outcome of the new and successfully launched product is not only its technological properties, but also the ways of mental power exploitation for the development organization and procedure optimization. For an ideal new product, its quality, utility value, technological and economical features should all be well balanced..

Creative and flexible approach and exclusivity for the customers – these are our objectives, helping us to build up our market standing on the domestic and foreign food-processing markets. In this way, Frujo a.s. can offer you the regularly innovated assortment of its products with guaranteed assistance during implementing the innovations into your technology.